Hi! I'm Robin.

Freelance engineering manager based in Karlsruhe, Germany.
Focusing on team culture, ways of working and time management.

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About Me

After finishing my bachelor's degree in applied computer science, I started working as a frontend engineer with a big focus on design systems, user experience and performance.
I also started contributing to open source projects(new tab) early on and created widely used libraries, most prominently Fela(new tab), that are downloaded more than 23 million times every month.

In 2019, I decided to become a freelancer and worked for several clients, including N26(new tab), OneGraph(new tab) and Volvo Cars(new tab).
After working as an engineer for almost a decade, I decided to focus on people and started working as an engineering manager at Carla(new tab).

In my leisure time, I study cultural science, learn French and otherwise spent my time outside in nature as much as possible, either with scouts(new tab) or alone on long hikes and trail runs.
I enjoy listening to music, play several instruments and write my first fantasy novel(new tab). I try my best living a self-sufficient life(new tab).


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