Components Done Right

60min • 19 September 2018

Best practices for components and component-based architectures.


Javi Velasco and Robin Weser, both frontend engineers and early React adopters, will share their combined experience of 8 years working with React in production.
The talk is all about best practices and learnings for component-based architectures. You will learn how to organise your frontend components and what it takes to write "great" components. Each argument is first introduced theoretically and then show practically through live coding examples.


We used a simple "trending books" example to demonstrate some of the best practices and best patterns.
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Used At

  • ReactiveMeetups (Brno), 2018
  • ReactiveMeetups (Hradec Králové), 2018
  • ReactiveMeetups (Prague), 2018
  • ReactiveMeetups (Bratislava), 2018

ReactiveMeetups are organised by the ReactiveConf(new tab) team.

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